Antonio Mamone was born in 1962 in Livorno.
He attended Grammar School at the Military School “ Nunzialtella”, ancient and
prestigious Institution of Neaples.
He graduated in Jurisprudence at the University of Pisa and he had his professional
qualification as a lawyer at the Court of Florence. He attended the course of
preparation for legal professions directed by Prof. Antonio Catricalà at the CEIDA in
Now he is registered in the public Register of Lawyers ed Solicitors of Livorno.
He attended the IV biennal course of high formation in criminal law at the UCPI
(Unione Camere penali italiane) of Rome.
Then he attended a course introductory to patronage in front of the high Court of
cassation at the Superior School for legal professions of Rome.
Now he is registered in the public Register for Lawyers qualified to defend before
High Court (Corte di cassazione)
He is registered in the Register for counsel for defence at State’s expense.

OFFICE: Scali del pesce, 33, 57123 Livorno (LI)


PEC (Legal Email):

PHONE: +39 360 333 093